Route de Grande Alps

In June 2017 myself and 22 other buddies from Australia ventured over to France to ride the iconic Route de Grand Alps. It’s a bit of a bucket list thing for many a keen cyclist and involved riding 720km in six days, over 13 mountains spread between the Mediterranean Sea near Monaco up to Evian on Lake Geneva. I’m fairly new to this cycling game so just completing the course was all I was hoping to achieve especially when next to some of these hard core guys who’d done it many times before. There is over 20’000 vertical meters of climbing and it was on of the toughest things I’d tackled. Not exactly a relaxing holiday but a hugh sense of achievement to have made it though. Here’s a few pics from the journey. All shot on my phone of course.


kilometers covered


Mountain Summits


Vertical Meters

"Why did we attempt to do this??"

Some amazing views looking back over the mountains we had been riding over the last few days.

The most gruelling yet rewarding challenge I’ve ever completed