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We create content for automotive brands


Automotive Reel

The team at Blue Fish led by Director/DOP Glenn Gibson has 25 years experience producing visual content for the automotive industry. We have long been the masters of creating amazing content with this automotive reel to show for it.

Melbournes best car studio

Blue Fish is based at Eleven40 Studio where we have our own Melbourne based automotive studio (cyclorama) and a huge array of dedicated in house equipment and facilities.

Specifications updates

We are experts at helping agencies and manufactures deal with correcting overseas visual assets to local Australian vehicle specifications.
Shooting in studio to mimic exisiting images we can then retouch out the overseas model to be replaced at a fraction of the cost of executing the entire shot again.

Location Location Location

We just love a location shoot. Shooting real cars in a real environment allows us to excel and create amazing work. With our own vans, equipment, tracking rig and expert crew we make the complexities of location shooting a breeze.

Mazda-6 global launch film

Bluefish were in charge from start to finish for the Mazda-6 global launch film.

Social Media

Nothing is hungrier for content than social media and we regularly coordinate shoots producing fun, cheeky, emotional story telling in high volumes and at low cost.

From up on the hilltops. #PatrolY61

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Weekend beach trips. #Pathfinder

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Web Retail & PR

OK, so we love shooting the hero brand and product images but producing high quality good value assets for web, retail or social media is a vital part of the mix. Our completely in house production resources and years of experience allows us to always provide the best results anywhere within the time/cost/quality equation.


    360 degrees interiors / exteriors

    We are experts at and love playing in the immersive worlds of 360 degree imagery, CGI and interactive digital media.

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    The bottom line

    We tell visual stories that connect the essence and soul of your products and brand to customers.