automotive CGI

World class automotive CGI

From shooting CGI backplates and domes to complete automotive CGI production we thrive in this ultra technical environment. Our years of real world experienced coupled with our deep technical understanding of automotive CGI imaging allows us to produce stunningly realistic car imagery completely by computer.


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automotive cgi, cgi imaging, cgi, cgi photography, computer generated images
automotive cgi, cgi imaging, cgi, cgi photography, computer generated images

car by CGI - background from our library

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CGI interiors

Our CGI interiors can be combined with 360 degree scenes from our CGI location library.

car shoots- without the car

We regularly undertake location car shoots for Australian, Japanese and European clients but without cars. We shoot super high resolution backplates and matching 360 degree 32bit HDRI domes ready for CGI imaging.

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Shoot from anywhere

Need to have the camera positioned somewhere that would be difficult in the real world? Not a problem

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Boundless creative options

CGI enables almost any creative concept to be carried off. When Bruce Baldwin from WhybinTBWA Melbourne needed a Nissan Navara splashing through a river of molten metal, we delivered!

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Backplates & HDRI Domes

We shoot high resolution (80-100 megapixel) backplates on PhaseOne cameras and 360 degree matching HDRI Domes with Spheron HDRI cameras. These are the vital first steps for high quality location based CGI work.

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Post Production

Once backplates and HDRI domes have been shot on location then all subsequent works takes place on high end CGI workstations. Blue Fish usually produces finished CGI images for clients but can also provide all the raw ingredients and creative direction for clients undertaking their own CGI image production.

automotive cgi, cgi imaging
automotive cgi, cgi imaging
automotive cgi, cgi imaging, blue fish productions, glen gibson

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